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Your pharmacy is not like a normal retail shop. It needs both a pharmaceutical and a retail section. It also needs private consulting areas and safe CD storage.


Because of these special features you need a specialist pharmacy shop fitter - we are that shop fitter.


We have extensive experience in pharmacy fit outs, renovations and refurbishments. Whether your premises is big or small we will work out a bespoke solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Pharmacy fitters in the Weymouth and the South West

What can you expect?

You can expect a complete service so you don't have to worry about bringing in other contractors. You can also expect personal attention and top quality. And you can expect a functional pharmacy area, safe storage solutions, efficient use of space, beautiful displays for your retail section, and more.


Our skill and experience has developed over years of fitting out pharmacies, shops and other business premises. We can do the same for you.

If you need a pharmacy fitting specialist call:

Pharmacy renovations and refurbishments